In 1994, Edge Clothing Inc. launched its first line, Mine, to provide chic, affordable apparel of uncompromising quality. Constantly evolving to maintain its place as a fashion leader in the budget market, Mine has grown to cover almost all categories – from woven tops and knit tops, dresses, jackets, outerwear, bottoms, denim and more. With a showroom located in the heart of the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles. It has become a staple to both local and international budget market retailers. With a clear understanding of fashion’s rapid and continuous evolution, the team work congruently to bring forth fresh selects to meet every customer demand. The vast design and merchandising team work year round in order to produce fresh styles each week.

Website: www.minefashion.com  




1015 S. Crocker St. #Q-21

Los Angeles, CA 90021

Tel: 213-748-7744